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Educated as software, electronics and mechatronics engineer, but my wide interests and hunger for knowledge allowed me to go deep in other technological disciplines, this gave me the edge of running and understanding very complex and multidisciplinary projects.

After a few years in a small 'do-it-all' company, my expertise grew when I joined Agfa. Where at first I learned how to do things quickly, at Agfa I learned how to do things right. Working in a bastion of disciplines I was able to bridge the gap between all the disciplines that were needed to be innovative at the highest level.

My final challenge at Agfa was to create the largest and fastest high quality inkjet machine ever made, managing 12 companies to create from scratch the real thing that was demonstrated at Fespa 2005.

End 2006 I left the big company and VDW-Consulting was born, based on years of experience in multi-disciplinary R&D and Inkjet groups I now support innovation companies in their search for innovation.


2006 - ...

VDW-Consulting bv

Inkjet Technological and Development Support for:

- High Speed packaging printing
- Security ID printing
- Functional Deposition printing
- Process and system developments

Project Management for:

- Inkjet development
- Complex Power-Electronics Project Management
- Interim R&D manager in security access developments

Technological Support for:

- Printing Robot control and image systems
- Inkjet Print-Head driving electronics
- Inkjet Print Head Benchmarking
- Electrolysis technical consulting
- Print Head driving electronics for thermal printheads

Co-development on critical inkjet components

- Security printing compact print module
- System Architect for direct to shape ultrafast bottle printer (khs)
- Integration development (EE/SW) for khs printing segment
- Ink supply module for coding and marking compact system

Uridium printing lab system

- Modular -down-to-earth- printing system
2003 - 2006

Agfa Gevaert N.V.
R&D Equipment Agfa Graphic Systems

Project Manager M-Press
- M-Press digital screen printer/press
- High electronics print engine electronics (PEC)
- Inkjet calibration techniques and tools
- Inkjet ink supply systems
- Inkjet head maintenance systems

Agfa Gevaert N.V.
R&D Think Tank: Research Center Electronic Imaging

Electronics & Software group leader
Industrial Inkjet Technology and Applications research
System Architect High Bandwidth Print Electronics

Main Products:

- Inkjet new applications
- Agfa-Xaar UPH head electronics (later called HPC and XSPI)
- Agfa Print Engine Controller (M-Press: PEC)
- Thermal Printer electronics platform
- Xaar Page Wide Array, digital printer prototype (Piranha)

Agfa Gevaert N.V.

R&D Equipment Graphic Arts

Electronics & Software group leader

Main Products

- Andromeda electronics/embedded software platform
- Lithostar Plate Processor electronics and service platform

Agfa Gevaert N.V.

R&D Equipment Graphic Arts

Project Manager Environmental Peripherals solutions

Main Products

- Elyse (intelligent and compact silver recovery system)
- EcoRap (Ecological Film Development System)
- Intelligent UV exposure units (Printon Desk..), Mask Preview
- Photographic color management

Inventieve Systemen

Main Products

- Access control equipment developments
- Radioactive measurements system