Werner Van de Wynckel
+32 486 370 051


Working with Werner in his role as project manager at Agfa was real enrichment for me and our whole team. His multi-disciplinary overview in all areas (electronics, mechanics, software, sales, project management) created a symbiosis in project progress, which was amazing. He has the ability to gather and enhance new ideas and concepts and bring them to an industrial working solution. I really liked to work with Werner and will always recommend him for new projects

Christoph Gassmann
Software Developer at Thieme GmbH (Germany)

When I worked together with Werner, I was always impressed by the speed and efficiency he could set up a project from scratch and a software environment was created to work in. If it went through his hands, the project was bound to succeed.

Guido Dieltjens
Software developer at Agfa (Belgium)

I know Werner since 3 and a half years. During that period we worked for approximately one year intensively together in the beginning and in a recent stage of a very challenging development and engineering inkjet-printing project. In my opinion Werner is very motivated project manager with a very strong drive for innovation and for having the complex functionality working. Apart from a thorough understanding of the technology he has also a good feeling for the project process and the partnership relation which we are in. Werner , as a representative of our customer understands well what a research/development project is all about, but can follow the process in detail whenever required and will always give his opinion. I would be happy to work with Werner also in future projects since he has a very good mix of professional competence both in technology and management of innovative projects in combination with a positive click-factor in the person-to person contact!

Jos Gunsing
Business Development Technology Manager, NTS Group (Netherlands)

I know Werner for 10 years now. He was involved in our inkjet development project almost from the beginning on, which was one of the best decisions our team ever made. Werner is a passionate engineer with deep knowledge in all fields of technology and an excellent project manager. Werner is highly motivated, structured and always keeps the project aim in mind. He has the ability to instantly get the whole view of complex technical interactions. In addition to his technical skills, he has a pleasant personality. In our project he was much more than a technical consultant, he was working as a system architect to build a complete inkjet solution for our customers. Werner, it was always a real pleasure working with you. I personally learned a lot from you. Thank you very much for this inspiring cooperation during these challenging years.

Katrin Preckel
Inkjet Development Engineer at KHS GmbH (Germany)

Werner has the drive and the creativity to get new ideas going with support of his colleagues. His enthusiasm and personality is not only what gets things started but also what gets things done, all the way to the finish. Werner is a broad interdisciplinary knowledge and keeps it up to date. It was a pleasure working with Werner, I would like to thank him for the support and improvement of my quality of work.

Kris Wauters
Mechanical Design Engineer Agfa (Belgium)

Werner has a broad and thorough knowledge concerning complex matters (mechanics, electronics, software, chemics, ...). During the ink-jet project at Agfa, he was able to oversee all used technologies in dept and never looses the bird view on the project. As a project manager, he anticipates fast and correctly on unforeseen problems. He has managed the R&D of a complex industrial ink-jet printer in an extremely short time and with very few resources. When he is launched on a project, his perseverance is unlimited

Luc Verstreken
Software developer I2Soft (Belgium)

I have worked with Werner on several projects over the years, and have a tremendous respect for his knowledge and skills in many disciplines. He bring incredible vision to every project. Werner is a leader, who communicates effectively with his team, sets high expectations for the performance of the contributors and gets actively involved as a direct contributor himself. He has a true hands on approach and brings together innovative, out-of-the-box solutions to the most difficult problems. He is hard working, extremely dedicated, and I would jump at any chance to work with Werner on any project, because I know it would result in great success.

Mark Bussard
Director New Product Development at Agfa (USA)

Werner is a decisive manager, capable of bringing complex projects (incorporating hardware, programmable logic, software and mechanics) to a good end. A fine technician with an open view and a creative approach to the issues to be solved. A pleasure to work with.

Rob Sigerist
Principal Consultant, Technolution B.V. (Netherlands)

Werner is a person who has the capacity and intelligence to create and manage complex ideas and is able to manage people and bring them to a better level of performance.

Rudi Lenders
Ad.Project Manager, Agfa Gevaert NV (Belgium) ()

I worked together with Werner Van de Wynckel on a big project involving the development of an industrial inkjet printer at Agfa. Werner was the project manager of this big complex project, which involved numerous companies for its development. My role was the development of a kernel and related software for this printer. Werner always assisted me in every way possible, and we had a very good relationship! Werner is also extremely versatile, and was in touch with every aspect of the printer. From software, to hardware to electronics and so on. He was the driving force behind the project, and the reason why this project is a big success. I have a lot of respect for Werner, and I can only hope that once we may work together on a project of that magnitude again.

Tom Tempelaere
Freelance Software developer (Belgium)